Biographies of all Reigning Princes

Biographies of all Reigning Princes since 1606

During their reign, the Princes of Liechtenstein repeatedly had to endure harsh setbacks. Skill, courage and commitment helped them to pass tests of endurance always and successfully to this day.

Since the 17th century, the Princely House has counted 15 reigning Princes of Liechtenstein to date. You can find a simplified family tree here (©van Eck Verlag):

Biographies of all Reigning Princes

17th century

– Prince Karl I
– Prince Karl Eusebius I
– Prince Johann Adam Andreas I

18th century

– Prince Anton Florian I
– Prince Josef Johann Adam I
– Prince Johann Nepomuk Karl I
– Prince Joseph Wenzel I
– Prince Franz Josef I
Prince Alois I

19th century

– Prince Johann I
– Prince Alois II
– Prince Johann II

20th century

– Prince Franz I
– Prince Franz Josef II