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H.S.H. Prince Hans-Adam II is the Reigning Prince of the House of Liechtenstein and Head of State of the Principality of Liechtenstein. He has ceded the affairs of state to his first-born son and designated heir to the throne, H.S.H. Hereditary Prince Alois. Together they represent the continuity of the Princely House and the stability of the country.

The Princely House of Liechtenstein overlooks a history totalling 600 years and today comprises 122 living members. It also gives its name to the Principality of Liechtenstein, which has been sovereign for 300 years.

H.S.H. Prince Hans-Adam II

Prince Hans-Adam II is the eldest son of Prince Franz Josef II and Princess Gina. He is the first Head of State to grow up in Liechtenstein and the 15th reigning Prince of the House of Liechtenstein.

Prince Hans-Adam II was born on 14 February 1945 and grew up with his four siblings in the parental home at Vaduz Castle. He attended primary school in Vaduz and was a member of the Vaduz scout troop.

In 1956, Prince Hans-Adam II entered the Schottengymnasium in Vienna, which his father Prince Franz Josef II had also once attended. In 1960, he transferred to grammar school in Zuoz, which he completed in 1965 with a Swiss Matura and a German Abitur. After his secondary school studies, Prince Hans-Adam II worked as a trainee at a bank in London. In addition to his mother tongue, German, he also speaks English and French. Prince Hans-Adam II enrolled at the University of St. Gallen to study business administration and economics, which he completed with a licentiate.

H.R.H. Hereditary Princess Sophie

Hereditary Princess Sophie is the eldest of five daughters of Duke Max and Duchess Elizabeth in Bavaria. She descends in a direct line from the last Bavarian King Ludwig III. He was her great-great-grandfather. Hereditary Princess Sophie is the wife of Hereditary Prince Alois.

Hereditary Princess Sophie was born in Munich on 28 October 1967. She spent her childhood with parents and siblings in Wildbad Kreuth.

After graduating from high school, during a stay of several months in London, she took seminars at the Inchbald School of Interior Design. She was particularly interested in the diverse styles of interior design. Subsequently, Hereditary Princess Sophie studied history and English at the Catholic University in Eichstätt.

H.S.H. Hereditary Prince Alois

Hereditary Prince Alois is the eldest son of Prince Hans-Adam II and Princess Marie. He is destined to succeed to the throne. Since August 15, 2004, he has performed the duties of Head of State of the Principality of Liechtenstein as his father's deputy.

The Hereditary Prince was given the name Alois in memory of his great-grandfather, Prince Alois of Liechtenstein. Hereditary Prince Alois spent his youth at Vaduz Castle. He attended elementary school in Vaduz-Ebenholz and in 1979 entered the Liechtenstein Gymnasium, from which he graduated in the spring of 1987 with a Matura in literary history.

He then entered the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst in Great Britain, where he completed officer training. After graduating as a second lieutenant, he served for six months with the Coldstream Guards in Hong Kong and London.

The House Law of the Princely House

H.S.H. Hereditary Prince Alois von und zu Liechtenstein

About the house law

Princesses of the 20th and 21st centuries

In the 20th century, the princesses became more prominent alongside the male heirs to the throne. Through their public appearances, they gave the institution of the hereditary monarchy in Liechtenstein an additional face.

Biographies of all Princes since 1606

During their reign, the Princes of Liechtenstein repeatedly had to endure harsh setbacks. Skill, courage and commitment helped them to pass tests of endurance always and successfully to this day.