Princesses of the 20th Century

In the 20th century, the princesses became more prominent alongside the male heirs to the throne. Through their public appearances, they gave the institution of the hereditary monarchy in Liechtenstein an additional face.

Princess Elisabeth (Elsa)

Princess Elsa (1875 - 1947) was the daughter of the Jewish banker and industrialist Wilhelm Isaak Wolf, Ritter von Gutmann, who was ennobled in 1878, and his second wife Ida Wodianer.

Princess Elsa converted to Catholicism in 1899. Her first marriage was to Baron Geza Erös von Bethlenfalva (1868 -1908). In 1929, she married Prince Franz I of Liechtenstein, whom she had met in 1914 through the soldiers' relief fund.

Since Prince Johann II considered it inappropriate for Elsa to marry his brother Franz due to their Jewish origins and inappropriate social status, Prince Franz I did not marry Princess Elsa until after Johann's death, in private, in Vienna.

Princess Gina

Princess Gina (1921 - 1989) was the daughter of Count Ferdinand Wilczek and Nora, born Countess Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau. She attended the Sacre Coeur grammar school in Vienna and the boarding school run by the Congregation of Jesus in Rome.

Princess Gina studied languages at the University of Vienna and passed her interpreting exams in English, French and Italian.