Princess Gina

Princess Gina (1921 - 1989) was the daughter of Count Ferdinand Wilczek and Nora, born Countess Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau. She attended the Sacre Coeur grammar school in Vienna and the boarding school run by the Congregation of Jesus in Rome.

Princess Gina studied languages at the University of Vienna and passed her interpreting exams in English, French and Italian.

First Princely Wedding in Liechtenstein

She married Prince Franz Josef II of Liechtenstein in 1943. The wedding in Vaduz was a major event and became a manifestation of the Liechtenstein population's desire for independence, a public testimony of their loyalty to the monarchy. It was the first wedding of a prince in Liechtenstein.

Founder of the Liechtenstein Red Cross

At the end of the war, Princess Gina helped to alleviate the suffering of refugees at the national border near Schaanwald, for example by cooking soup and bathing children.

In 1945, the Liechtenstein Red Cross was founded on her initiative. Under the leadership of the Princess, who presided over the organisation as President until 1985, relief operations were initially carried out in the countries affected by the war. Later, the activities were also extended to the domestic market.

Commitment to women's suffrage

In 1987, the Princess was awarded the Henry Dunant Medal by the "International Committee of the RedCross". In addition to her numerous charitable and social activities, Princess Gina was also committed to political goals, such as the introduction of women's suffrage in Liechtenstein. Princess Gina of Liechtenstein died in Grabs (Switzerland) in 1989.